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Garigrid Professional Sudoku - Touch Screen with New High Resolution Display was selected as the  Best Electronic Sudoku Game On The Market by

Mr. R. Rosenberg's and purchesed form on Febuary 16,2011


Mr. R. Rosenberg's review  Febuary 16,2011

I did a great deal of research to find the best electronic handheld Sudoku game. I came to the conclusion that the GariGrid Sudoku game had the most and the best features and functions of any game that I saw. First and foremost it had the one thing that no other electronic game had which was the ability to electronically enter possibility numbers into every square. For me this was the prime requirement, since I was not going to buy a game that did not have this ability. But it not only that, it had the ability to enter your own games.

And one thing that I really liked was that on either your own entered games or any of the preset games, it gives you congratulations when you have successfully completed it. There are many other great features that I really liked, but you can read the specs on that.

When I got the new GariGrid Professional Sudoku with the Touch Screen with New High Resolution Display I was overjoyed because they upgraded the display from the previous model. This new display is just terrific to say the least. It is clearer, crisper, and has incredibly more contrast than the previous model. I can view it at much wider angles and much to my delight and surprise I can even play it in the dark.

I soon discovered that the improved display also greatly increased my enjoyment of using the GariGrid Sudoku. I can now focus much more on the game than on reading the display. My only fear now is that my Sudoku addiction will get much worse with the new and greatly improved display.

I can now recommend without any hesitation whatsoever the new and improved GariGrid to any new, seasoned or addicted Sudoku player. Anyone buying this new model will find that their expectation not only would be met, but most likely exceeded as happened to me.