January 2015 

QualSense & GAriGrid at the CES 2015 Las Vegas USA 



October 1,2014 QualSense introduced new FramelessArtwprk 

Hang scarfs, fabrics , canvases and any other work of art as wall pictures

  • Regularly used to hang Hermes, Valentino, Gucci, or any other scarfs and any artworks
  • Alternate your scarf or artwork at any time,Damage Free, Frameless hanging
  • No framing required * Fits any size scarf or artwork* Made in USA *Patent Pending
  • All hardware and mounting instruction included. Scarf and or artwork not included
  • Framelse Artwork is tradmark TM of QualSense LLC
December 1,2013
QualSense LLC & GAriGrid R&D Engeringing and Consulting Services  moving to our new modern offices at the  Emerald Plaza downtown San Diego.
Our new office address : 402 West Brodway  Suite 400 San Diego CA 92101. No change to our phone , emails and or contact information .


Visit QualSene & GAriGrid at the coming 2014 CES Show in LV and the Electronic Fair Hong Kong


Press Release- November 15, 2012
QualSense received San Diego 2012 Research & Development Award

CES 2010 Las Vegas 

Qualsense/GAriGrid LLC. & Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. PR Announcement


San Diego, Ca. December 5, 2009—Qualsense/GAriGrid LLC., a developer and distributor of interactive multi-media games via the Internet, mobile devices and other multi-platform electronic devices, is pleased to announce the joint venture/partnership with Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., a publisher, distributor and seller of books and products. In the joint venture/partnership Qualsense/GAriGrid will develop and distribute interactive multi-media games based on Sterling’s books and products focusing on brain training puzzles, games, and IQ tests and will be available on multiple platforms. The new games and products will debut at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2010 in Las Vegas. 

GAriGrid LLC. was created as a joint partnership between Falcon LLC And QualSense LLC specializing in the design, development and marketing of  handheld gaming and brain training products with innovative professional smart games for mobile phones such as, GAriGrid Sudoku, Chess, Crossword, Blackjack and other innovative smart games.

For sixty years, Sterling has been one of the world’s leading publishers of non-fiction books. Their mission is to publish high-quality books that educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of their readers.  The company is unique in that it has the reach of major publisher with the passion and creativity of an independent press.  Sterling is a wholly owned subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc. 


Margaret Pytlarz, MBA


Director of Business Development


Tool Free: 1-800-704-0844