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GAriGrid® Sudoku  
  • GAriGrid® Sudoku has approximately 2,700 puzzles in memory.The objective of SUDOKU is to enter a number from 1 through 9 in each empty SQUARE so that there are 9 different numbers in each horizontal ROW, 9 different numbers in each vertical COLUMN and 9 different numbers in each BOX which have 9 SQUARES each.
  • GAriGrid® Sudoku divides each SQUARE into nine subsquares numbered 1 through 9 as shown in the GAriGrid® map at the upper left corner of the Sudoku screen. GAriGrid® Sudoku provides a format to display all possible number entries for each SQUARE in these subsquares. GAriGrid® format is easier than using paper, pencil and eraser.
  • You may switch back and forth at any time between these instructions and the puzzle by pressing "OK" when you are in the Menu and by pressing "MENU" when you are playing Sudoku.