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Brain Training Pen


GAriGrid Brain Training Pen is great for training the human brain to be come more powerful and knowledgeable. It exercises the brain and increases memory levels.
The pen is easy to operate with simple play feature requiring “YES” or “NO” buttons for operation.

Key Definition:
There are two buttons: “YES” and “NO,” plus a Reset key.
“YES” Button Features:
- Press “YES” to choose game topic.
- Press “YES” to turn on the brain training game.
- Press “YES” to confirm the mathematic answer is correct.
“NO” Button Features:
- Press “NO” to confirm the mathematic answer is wrong.
Game Selection:
To select a game the screen will display “GAME 1: 20 QUESTIONS” and “GAME 2: 100 QUESTIONS”.
LCD screen will show the following:
20 Questions ? > YES?  NO?
100 Questions ? > YES?  NO?
- To choose 100 questions, when LCD shows “100 QUES " press “YES” to confirm.
- To choose 20 questions, when LCD shows “20 QUES” press “YES” to confirm.
- Press “NO” and the record high score will be displaced.
Press “YES” or “NO” and it will return to game.
- During the game, if player has not pressed a button for over one minute, then LCD will display “TRAIN YOUR BRAIN. 20 QUESTIONS FOR BEGINNER, 100 QUESTIONS FOR NORMAL and will begin again.

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