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QualSense LLC specializing in the design, development and marketing of new GAriGrid handheld gaming and entertainment consoles and innovative professional smart games for PC and mobile phones.

QualSense develops and distributes professional smart games such as GAriGrid TM Sudoku, Crosswords, Chess, Blackjack, IQ Tests , Math & Logic Puzzles and other innovative smart games. GAriGrid smart games are designed with easy and interactive user interface including voice support on selected games.

GAriGrid Smart games designed for Mobile , PC Platforms and GAriGrid Brain Trianers. GAriGrid is registered trademark (TM) of QualSense LLC

 Management Team

Ben Ari (Lion)

General Manager/Founder of QualSense LLC

Ben brings over 25 years of experience in engineering, design, development (R&D) and high volume manufacturing. Ben’s expertise specializes in consumer electronics, industrial automation, GPS, cellular phone, mobile applications and smart games and holds several technology patents and awards. He has held many executive management positions in R&D and worked with many leading companies in the US such as Microsoft, Microsoft Xbox, QUALCOMM, SiRF Technology, Eaton, Rockwell International, Flextronics International as well as other leading companies in Europe and Asia.
Ben holds a BS in electrical engineering and communication and a MBA in Business and Management.






Gary Herberger
Founder of Falcon LLC
Herberger Enterprises, Inc.

Gary is the President of Herberger Enterprises Inc., a closely held family corporation involved in land acquisition, planning and development of commercial, industrial and residential property. He is President of The Herberger Foundation. Gary has previously served as Chairman for the Board of Trustees for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. He has been a registered architect in Arizona since 1965. He attended Pomona College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Gary Herberger is the creator of the GAriGrid Sudoku and other innovative Smart Games.




Margaret M. Pytlarz
QualSense, LLC Director of Marketing/Sales

Margaret joins QualSense after working for MPI Marketing as President for 4 years. Previously, Margaret has worked for Qualsense, a division of GAriGrid, also as Director of Marketing & Sales. As GAriGrid's Sales & Marketing Director, Margaret manages procedures, all sales and marketing issues, and acts as the conduit of information between our distributors and our channel partners. Margaret also supports the GAriGrid's Smart Games Account Managers and logistical areas of the retail channel. Margaret's areas of expertise and focus include: marketing and promotion programs, market analysis, and managing corporate sales accounts.
Margaret graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a degree in Business Management & Marketing, and holds a MBA from the University of Phoenix.




Vanessa Peterson
QualSense Sales and Marketing Administrator
Accounting Specialist

Vanessa comes to QualSense with 10 years of bookkeeping experience. Since 1999, she has worked in the construction, international sales, and tax industries among others. In her current role, she records business transactions and maintains all accounting records, performs bank reconciliations, processes payroll, and prepares reports of company’s financial operations. She also provides full administrative support for QualSense San Diego team. In addition to bookkeeping, Vanessa has an extensive cosmetics sales and management background, and most recently worked as a Regional Sales Coordinator for Benefit Cosmetics.




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