GAriGrid develops and distributes interactive multi-media smart games via the Internet, mobile smart phones and PC platforms. GAriGrid smart games include Math & Logic Puzzles, Mazes, IQ-Tests, Sudoku, Crosswords, Chess and other innovative games and handheld devices for entertainment, learning and health benefits.

GArGrid games are designed to:

  • Provide complete brain training that sharpens brain functions, including memory, processing speed, concentration and ability to recall faces, names and information.
  • Keep users’ brains active and youthful as part of a natural, no-side-effects Alzheimer’s disease-prevention strategy.
  • Meet users’ needs for quick, fun and healthful benefits and may be performed anywhere – with easy-to-use, PC- or MAC-compatible system, mobile phones including Blackberry, iPhone, Adroid.

Scientific research proves that the brain, at all ages, has significant potential to acquire new knowledge and skills with proper training and exercise. Known as neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, that recently discovered ability to change and map new neural pathways, stimulate new cell growth, and deliver better oxygen and blood flow to the brain, can be developed through active use of the GAriGrid brain training games, which aims to improve short- and long-term memory functions and speedy analysis of situations and information, as well as enable users to regain long-lost abilities.

GAriGrid has multiple partnerships, including Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc.