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QualSense new products are advanced handheld touch screen gaming entertainment consoles and standalone gaming devices designed for GAriGrid smart games such as GAriGrid Sudoku,Crosswords, Blackjack, Chess and other innovative PC and Mobile smart games.


Brain Training Pen  

  • Train your brain!
  • Test your brain age!
  • It is simple with the use of an electronic ball point pen called the brain training pen.


Fremelessartworks New and Smart

Scarf and Artwork Wall Hanging System

  • Hang scarfs,fabrics,canvases,paper photos, or virtually any other work of art
  • Hanging and mounting photos and artwork made easy
  • Alternate your artwork at any time
  • Damage Free
  • No Framing required
  • Fits any size artwork
  • All hardwore and mounting instruction included
  • Patent Pending
  • FramelsessArtwork is trademark TM of QualSense LLC
  • hang scarfs,canvases Pictures