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GAriGrid™ Math & Logic Puzzles


  • Introduction:
  • Are you a city slicker or do you prefer the small town pace? No matter what your preference, everyone seems to be amazed by spectacular skyscrapers! This game asks you to set your expectations high. The goal is to find out the heights of all the skyscrapers in the grid.

    Multiple possibilities with only one solution
    This game trains your brain to work faster and more efficiently

    To purchase and download the game please follow these steps:
    1. Select “Buy Now” icon
    2. If you pay by Paypal account, an ACTIVATION CODE will be sent to your registered email. If you pay with Credit Card, you'll NEED to click "Return to GAriGrid LLC" on the payment success acknowledgement page and follow instructions to get your ACTIVATION CODE.
    3. Go back to website game page and select “PC Download” icon
    4. After downloading the game please use the activation code to start playing the game

  • $3.95 game price includes 20 puzzles.